Paris Réseau / Paris Network


Paris Réseau/ Paris Network

Paris: Editons du CERAP, 2000.

Bilingual CD-Rom (French/ English) for Macintosh and Windows.

Paris Network assembles photographs, sound samples, animations and texts to form a composite, layered image of the city, where the traces of places are confronted with the memories of people who have known them.

It opens with a view of a map. As you move closer, you begin to lose your bearings. In each zone, you explore the city differently. Four entrances, four ways of looking, four structural devices. You will always have, even as you move around, a fragmentary view, evoking a vast, more complete “hors-champ”, which always seems out of reach. You enter as if you were breaking in.

Each of the four parts has its own system of navigation. 1. Six Itineraries. 2. Jogging in the Roquette Square. 3. A Voyage Around my Courtyard. 4. Erasing a Billboard. In one, the focus is more on visual perception, in another, you are asked to imagine people and things you don’t see, the third allows you to explore and the fourth to tinker with the images on the screen. A fifth zone, accessible from within the others, is both navigational tool and urban perspective.


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