The End of Maps?

The End of Maps? Dream Territories, Standardized Territories
Aline Caillet, Sophie Fétro, Anna Guilló and Karen O’Rourke (March, 2013)

The End of Maps? Dream Territories, Standardized Territories (La Fin des cartes ? Territoires rêvés, territoires normalisés) merges scientific research and artistic practice to question the representation of territories from a technological, scientific, political and urbanistic point of view. Producing imagery that is both captivating and disturbing, the map and its virtual variations (3D representations, digital mock-ups, etc.) are an object of research but also a method for anyone who wants to address the city in terms of design, anthropology, urban planning, history or geography. But this “method” is problematic. Beginning with its title The End of Maps? Dream Territories, Standardized Territories, the project aims to create tension between the subjective and appropriative visions that people have of their territories, and the increasingly powerful and inquisitive tools that tend to absorb these representations.

The project will be take place over two years (2013 – 2015) through the organization of mobile working groups involving the main project partners (November 2013 – September 2015), a research workshop (October 2013), two exhibitions (May 2014 and November 2015), and an international symposium (November 2015). A publication –an exhibition catalog together with the conference proceedings- is also planned. The work done during this period will contribute to a database, AlterMapping Knowledge Base, which aims to identify a wide range of art-related mapping projects and to provide a critical look at the work done by their authors (December 2013 – -).

La Fin des cartes website.


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