The Gift (after Lewis Hyde and Marcel Mauss)

Esther Polak

Esther Polak, photo by Ivar van Bekkum, 2013.

Project Summary

During a long train journey, I came up with the idea for a “sequel” to my book Walking and Mapping. It will be called The Gift (after Lewis Hyde and Marcel Mauss) as the idea was given to me, “planted”, by the spirit of travel. Realizing this project will involve traveling around the world, from Paris to Utrecht, Amsterdam and Berlin, from London to New York, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Lajamanu (Australia), to give a copy of the book to the artists who contributed images, many of whom I have never met. I’ll ask them to show me where they work, their neighborhood, and talk about what they did before making the walk/map discussed in Walking and Mapping, and what they have done since. A series of case studies – a cross-section of process-oriented work.
Read more about this project in an article written for Figures de l’art. English translation “The Gift and its networks”.

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